Meeting Point

for community-minded people in the same neighbourhood... to find each other!

A personal message from Sir Lenny Henry

What we're asking you to do now

Put in your post-code here - and then (when the map focuses on your street) see who else nearby is community-minded - and get chatting!

Meet Here

How can we turn a 'keep yourself to yourself' society into a friendly, positive and encouraging one?

It’s absolutely needed. There’s no pleasure in ‘sour insularity’. And many suffer isolation, discouragement and lack as a result.

Smile and greet someone today!

But that’s only the beginning. As the ice starts to melt, we can start to come together and do things with and for each other – much needed things, such as:

start a youth group with a bunch of other parents
give a helping hand to a vulnerable neighbour
start or support a Street Association
make friends with neighbours
how about a young mum’s group on your street?
or helping an immigrant with English conversation?
invite neighbours to a BBQ or a Macmillan coffee morning
look in on an elderly neighbour
and more!

All in all, rekindle community; so that everyone knows everyone, people feel a sense of belonging, those who need help can receive it and we can all enjoy a supportive, friendly, environment.

Who can make this happen? Not the Council (no money); we can! It doesn’t require an Act of Parliament, nor a budget – just a bunch of willing people who are prepared to stick their necks out a bit and together say ‘no’ to the idea that we have to keep ourselves to ourselves.

With this website: us spread the message “Permission to Smile”. Here’s how:

actually start smiling where you live – and see where it leads. Don’t be shy!
Use our Meeting Point to link up with interested people where you live
look at initiatives that are badly needed and download the how-to guides
help bring people together and restore community spirit

This is important! For several decades, there was an advancing tide of public services, at the same time as a receding tide of people doing things with and for each other. Now, with ‘austerity’, we are faced with a rapidly receding tide of public services – and there’s only one positive answer: recapture our desire and ability to o things with and for each other. This will be a key to a happier society. It will mobilize un-utilized gifts that so many people have. It will unlock vision, generate fun and bring the delight of shared achievement; and, for many, help put a smile on their face.

Lets do it. This is down to us!

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